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Ode To Geek by PJ McQuade / Store / Website / Tumblr / Twitter

16” X 24” to 28” X 40” prints in various limited editions. Available HERE.

Artist’s notes: There are 9 characters of my own creation filtered throughout the piece. If you can find ‘em all, by process of elimination I suppose, describe them, tell me where they are & you shall get a prize! A 4” waterproof sticker of any character in the piece and some cards from my shop or something like that, we’ll work it out a nice little care package. Limited time only. Email entries HERE.

Created and Submitted by: PJ McQuade

fish702 asked:

Dear Paul, I live in Las Vegas but am hopping on a plane to attend Ltd Art Gallery's ASOIAF show in Seattle as Game of Thrones is just about my favorite passion. I was wondering If you would be able to reveal your piece or possibly the price of it as I am planning on buying as many of the prints as possible and it has been quite difficult to pull a preview from Ltd. Thanks in advance if this is at all possible and great luck at the show…maybe I shall see you there. Cheers,Steven

Hey Steven ! Thanks for your interest. I unfortunately am not taking part in this show. Good luck in your pursuits! Take care

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